Let Them Eat Cake

A ready-to-eat cake in the shape of an open book, decorated with edible graphics juxtaposing federal food subsidies and US obesity rates broken down by state. The cake can be served at events, delivered to implicated community members or policy makers, or experienced as part of a Cakewalk: "a carnivalesque tradition of mimicry on plantations, when slaves would parody the affectations of the upper classes. Somewhere in its long history, its origins as, first, a coded act of defiance, and then a mass cultural phenomenon that evolved into minstrel performances were lost. Most of us now know the Cakewalk as a fundraising event hosted by churches and schools, though it originated from  cultural practices born of slavery." (Anna Helgeson)


Gender Twists

A trilogy of functional thaumatropes suspended in a gold painted frame. When they spin, all distinctions between gender symbols are blurred, and they literally no longer fit inside the frame. Against a wall, all movement is blocked. Freestanding, they spin until there is no more tension in their bonds.


Zoetrope_climate change

A functional zoetrope that displays statistics on climate change and energy consumption. The upper graphic is the visual information displayed inside.


Carefree Billing_Detroit Metro Weekly

From the series Futility, this classified ad (circled in yellow) was placed in Detroit's MetroTimes. It offers to handle any and all debt problems, by accepting any payments users chose to send in. No further claims.

Edible pie chart

This edible pie displays the breakdown of funding sources for This Place Has A Voice, a public art project in Washington DC 2014. Public funds are juxtaposed with funds contributed by the curator, artists, and historians who built the project.

Snowglobe_homeless people

Made from an empty mustard jar, this functional snowglobe contains water, glycerin, plastic pearls and glitter, a plastic model of the US Capitol, and plastic figurines of homeless people.

99 Percent Photo Standin

The 99 Percent standin uses a simple pie chart to display income inequality in the US. After posing, visitors can sign their name to the front of the chart. It can be inverted should a member of the top 1 percent be available to pose.Here's a clip of visitors to my studio posing: https://vimeo.com/142028212


Incarceration vs. Education Cake

Data from 40 states depict how much government money is spent per year to educate an elementary/secondary school student compared to the cost of keeping an inmate imprisoned. A growing or shrinking student or inmate represents the budgets.