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1988-present, various sizes

+300 one-of-a-kind hand colored photographs, pinhole photographs, and stereo photographs



  • background info

    This body of work is both geographic - a look at people, lifestyles and environment, and photographic - a look at 30 years of exploring the act of photography. The scenes are routine and spontaneous moments from daily life, profiles of people and their historical and contemporary context. The environment includes contemporary elements and historical traces of Mayan and Colonial ruins.  The photographs also explore the organic environment with many landscapes and pinhole photographs from nature.


    In January 1988, I left Washington DC to spend six months in Mexico.  Instead, I traveled through Mexico and arrived in Guatemala where I lived for two years, traveling at one point as far south as Ecuador.  In 1991, I returned to Guatemala for two more years.  I lived in a small Tzutuhil village in the mountains to the west of Guatemala by Lake Atitlan.  Over these formative years, I worked extensively with hand coloring and began making pinhole and stereo photographs. The first stereo photographs were made by bolting two cameras together.  The first pinhole photographs were made from powdered milk cans.


    Since 1988, I have been printing the Latin American negatives and coloring the photographs with watercolor or pencil.  As of 2008, I have accumulated over three hundred one-of-a-kind photographs. There are more negatives to be printed. Parts of this series are in the collections of the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, El Centro Nationale Para la Proteccion de la Antigua in Guatemala, and La Maison Europeene de la Photographie (museum) in Paris.  Parts have been exhibited at El Convento de Santa Clara, Anitqua Guatemala, Georgetown University, Martin Luther King Jr. Library, Le Faste Fou (Paris), Palais de Tokyo Museum (Paris).