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Diverse Works

1987 – 1999, various sizes

+1000 one-of-a-kind gelatin silver prints, sometimes with watercolor, oil, or color pencil, selective toning, added photogram shapes

  • background info

    A lot of my images become a  notebook of visual starting points. My darkroom at one point filled up with boxes of leaves, rocks, shapes cut out from magazines and I started layering these shapes into the photographs via multiple doses of light. I stretched the distance from negative to print even farther by then toning and/or hand coloring on the images. This material and craft exploration asks both what can a photograph represent (be of) and what can a photograph present (be).


    Author Lyle Rexer compares this work to other contemporary artists who, [work] in both mystical and materail ways, letting the chemistry of the emulsion register chance and time, turning Talbot's 'pencil of nature' into a paintbrush.