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Silver Prints in Ambient Light

1991 - present

+500 one-of-a-kind images, postage stamp to mural sizes



  • background info

    These images work directly with the naturally chaotic nature of light, a brute and rudimentary exploration of picture-less photography embracing elements of chance and surprise. The images involve no optics, no camera, no darkroom, working only with the primary elements of photography: gelatin silver paper, chemicals, light. Materials and gestures that are distinct and sequential in conventional photography here confront each other all at once and over and over.  Treated this way, the silver develops not in black and white but in a multitude of colors.  The resulting image is the very object exposed to light, without intermediary, like Daguerreotypes and other photographic processes that engender neither negative nor copy.


    Works from this series have been exhibited in Washington DC, Baltimore, New York, Paris, Arles, and are included in the collection of The Bibliotheque Nationale Paris.