Bruce McKaig

Photography started for me as a child on Sunday afternoons watching the Wonderful World of Disney and family vacation slides. The slides were accompanied with stories and eventually the stories replaced my memories. I now remember being in a living room with a slide screen, shag carpeting and a milkshake more than being at Hoover Dam or on a farm in Alabama. Between Disney and family vacation photos, I grew up with ample examples of how well photography makes up it’s own reality.








Thanks to a Crusade Engagement Grant from Crusade for Art, I am building a barter network with artists and journeymen in Baltimore, as part of the growing number of business models that value equity, ecology, and democracy above and beyond mere bottom line profits. Trade4Art allows the direct exchange of goods and services without the intermediary of cash. Here is a short article in Shadow and Light Magazine about the project.


I had the opportunity to engage with artists, curators, and administrators at the 2016 Creative Time Summit in Washington DC. The topic, "No One Works Best on an Empty Stomach," provoked insights, concerns, and suggestions for how to engage artists in public art projects with equitable, accessible, and sustainable policies.


My 2016 Fellowship with The New Economy Maryland, organized by the Institute for Policy Studies, was an amazing experience. It was a privilege to work with such bright minds and compassionate hearts. Here's a link to an op ed I published with their guidance on ethics in funding in the arts.

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